Dry itchy skin

Itching (pruritus) - is an uncomfortable skin sensation, triggering the desire to scratch or rub the affected area to get a relief. Itching may be acute or chronic, localized to one spot or generalized, affecting the overall body. Scratching can produce the increase of itching when infection gets into breaks of injured skin and causes redness, bumps, and scratches. Intense scratching involves the person suffering from pruritus into the circle itch-scratch-itch, that is hard enough to interrupt. In some patients, severe itching affects sleep and quality of life.

Note: Itching is not a disease by itself - it's only a symptom of some skin diseases, internal disorders or faulty processing of itch sensation by nervous system. In case of unusual itching that is severe, long-lasting or accompanied with other unexplained symptoms, when you are not exactly sure what it is caused by, always see your doctor for a precise diagnosis and advise for a treatment.
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Possible causes of itching:

  • itching is one of the first symptoms of skin allergy - reaction to certain medications, insect bites and stings, poisonous plants etc;
  • itching associated with the rush is one of the symptoms for such diseases as eczema, hives, chicken pox, measles;
  • itching is a common manifestation of sunburn or dry skin, especially in winter;
  • some superficial skin infections such as folliculitis and impetigo are accompanied with skin itch;
  • some parasites like scabies and lice also produce itching;
  • pruritus may be a sign for some serious internal disorders:
  • kidney, liver (some liver diseases with jaundice as hepatitis) or gallbladder failure to clear certain toxins,
  • thyroid malfunctions (hypo-, hyper-),
  • blood disorders: iron deficiency anemia, polycythemia vera,
  • neurotic conditions: pinched nerves, post herpetic neuralgia,
  • some cancers as malignant melanoma, germ cell tumors, leukemia and lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, Bowen's disease, multiple myeloma, invasive squamous cell carcinoma, brain and spinal cord tumors,
  • HIV,
  • general itching is a common reaction to cancer treatments: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or both therapies combined, biological response modifier therapy,
  • skin ageing,
  • pregnancy.

How to take proper care of skin to relieve the itchy sensation:

Dry itchy skin of feet and ulceration in people with diabetes
Dry itchy spot resulting from repeated scratching (lichen simplex skin disease).
  • try to avoid scratching or rubbing, ask your friends and relatives to call attention to your scratching, keep your fingernails shortly cut to minimize affect from inadvertent scratching;
  • remove the cause of itching, if possible (in case of dermatitis, define the allergen/irritant and avoid contacting with it);
  • in case the itchy sensation is unbearable try to apply pressure or vibration instead of scratching, it may alleviate itch;
  • massage with an ice cube, covering itchy area with the cool wet washcloth may help to diminish itching;
  • avoid using cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants, alcohol-containing skin products;
  • avoid wearing wool and other fabrics that may irritate the skin and worsen itching, instead put on loose-fitting light cotton clothes without such garments as belts, brassieres, tights;
  • take lukewarm baths as often as half and hour daily to cool the skin and alleviate itching, use mild soaps and rinse thoroughly;
  • maintain healthy well-moisturized skin, provide it with good nutrition, protection from the environmental irritants, grease and dirt. Apply proper skin lotion to cool, soften and soothe the dry itchy skin, making skin produce adequate quantity of natural moisture to alleviate the dry skin condition that causes or aggravates itch. Try the brand new solution of the dry skin problem - shielding lotions that bond with the outer layer of the skin, helping to retain its own natural moisture while preventing absorption of the irritating substances.

    These lotions do not sit on top of the skin, clogging its pores, but allow skin to breathe and perspire. This new method lets the skin to heal itself in the most natural way, making it soft and vibrant.

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